Special orders for special people

A few custom goodies made over the last month. Thank you to my beautiful customers and collectors for believing in handmade and supporting artists and local communities.

Thank you Martha! I hope he loved it.

Barbara, thank you - Lisa is the Golden Goddess, so this was a perfect pick.

For MarketingProfs - thank you Ann Handley. Tweet!

Thank you Donna - these are some special tweeps!

Josh, thanks for sending such a beautiful shot of your special bird.

Holly & Josh & Ayla, my special California family. The Nelsons - connected once through work and then through social media and now a place on their family tree. I am so fortunate.

Melody & Tori - hope they were a great surprise!

This little bird flew to Texas!

Thank you Sally, I am so happy to know these went to your friends in the Peace Corps in Africa.

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