Adventures in Copper Clay

I've been playing with Art Clay Copper and have been fortunate with the results.  With multiple forms of copper clay and a myriad of firing schedules I decided to try the one with the shortest firing time (even though I was a little freaked out at firing at 1778 degrees.) I am really pleased with the results so fare and I have decided that I love working with copper clay. I'm sketching some more dimensional pieces and am looking for a few days off to get cracking! Below are three projects using the copper clay. Let me know what you think!

The Mezzaluna Earrings are created in copper clay and dangle from sterling silver wires.  The colors are achieved by lightly hitting the copper with a torch. I love all of the pinks and golds!

Mara Blue: A custom necklace for my friend Mara to wear while she's in Italy this July. I'm working on a super fabulous ring to coordinate!

The Axis earrings : BIG mezzaluna shape with a little India influenced center dangle. It gives the earrings a really nice sound when worn. I love them.

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