Found: An object of awesome

So I was walking to the Post Office on Saturday to mail a pair of these to my Etsy Metal Clay teammate Judy when I noticed this piece of something in the gutter. My inside "declutter" voice said walk away, you don't need it. "OhmyGoditcouldbecool" voice said take a second look.  And I did. And I slipped it into my pocket and completed my task. I think it was an architectural detail from a dresser or other piece of furniture, it still has a nail in it as well as several nail holes. I knew in an instant I would use it to make a piece of jewelry. Below is the Gilda necklace. The first of its kind. I'm digging it.

Sterling chain and fine silver designs: The Gilda necklace (pron. Jill-dah not Gill-dah.)

Super talented friend Joanna modeling the Gilda necklace for me. Must remember to clean off Blackberry camera lens before taking pix!

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