Buyers Market of American Craft - the wrap up! (PT. 1)

Wowza - what a week in Philly! It's taken me a couple of days to catch up, compose my thoughts and find the time to sit and write it down!  I have more photos to post in a set, but I shot them in camera raw and need to process them (I'll try to get to it this weekend.)

For the Etsy Metal Clay team - here is the 10 x 15 booth that Christine Street and I created.  Not bad given she's in Los Angeles and I'm here in Boston and we are using Google video chat and email to make our plans! Thanks IKEA for all kinds of ways to create a nice space on a budget.

Diane and Maddis Sulg of Maddi's Gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina visited us and we are very happy to send new work to their fabulous gallery!  Our conversation aboard the Moshulu last year (coupled with our entire team wishing them good luck at the Niche Awards) was still in their minds as they walked our aisle and spoke to other artists. (More on our aisle-mates tomorrow!)

Wendy Rosen, Arts Advocate (and all around swell lady) giving a pep talk to several artist-friends/exhibitors and giving all of us a big push on FindAmericanMade.com - she forced us to empty our wallets and stamp Find American Made on all our money. I'm guessing it's probably defacing government property - but what Wendy asks SHALL BE DONE!

Tired, feeling goofy and giddy and happy that we survived SNOWPOCALYPSE - here we are as Charlie's Angels? Crafty Angels? Overtired Crazies?

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