Buyers Market of American Craft - Day 3

Super tired, but super awesome few days in Philadelphia!  I'll write more when I get back to Boston - including a list of stores where you can go in and ask for Moda di Magno!

Short version of Philly - blizzard, arrive a day early (before a flake flew,) have a lot of great food, meet super talented artists, build booth in a row of really nice people, have more great food, make plans for world domination on the last day of the show tomorrow, pack up and get out of dodge before the snow flies!

BTW - started today with a great kick in the pants - won the C.R.A.F.T. Design Challenge by creating a small space display with 5 stunning artisan pieces and some display props. Many thanks to CRAFT for a year's membership and $250 toward the purchase of artisan work at the BMAC.  I'll be talking about CRAFT more in upcoming days as they are one of the sponsors of American Craft Week (October 1 - 10, 2010) a week-long celebration of handmade art from the US.

Some snaps:

Diane and Maddis Sulg of Maddi's Gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina stopped by the booth to place a re-order with me and Christine Street!  So awesome to see and visit with the 2009 Niche Retailers of the Year.  I'm sending a whole lot of gorgeous rings to your way NC!

Christine Street of Chocolate and Steel with Diane Sulg of Maddi's Gallery.

Wendy Rosen, Art Advocate imparting words of wisdom and advice to Rose Braunstein of My Friend Roze, Kendra Roberts of Kendra Studio Jewelry, Lauren Henry of Lauren Henry, Christine Street of Chocolate and Steel, and Jill Italiano of Jill Italiano (holla tweet lady!)

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